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Avision Ahead Senior Hockey Shield/Cage Combo

It's true the NCAA rules committee polled players and 70% said that they would abandon the full cage for a half shield. Can you blame them? The vision of wire cages is obstructive and they're just plain ugly. The AVISION AHEAD Mask is like playing hockey with a half mask only you get to keep your teeth and your smile.

The Avision mask gives a player a crystal clear, tough as nails look at the game up ice or god-forbid if they look down for the puck at their feet it might be the last crystal clear view they see before the lights in the ceiling of the rink. The cage frame is closer to your face than the competition so you enjoy the protection without seeing the game through the bars. The cage frame is just 5.2 oz. So light you barely know it's there till you get rocked in the jaw and you're okay.

Adult players realize that they too want to stay the good looking guys and gals they think they are on the ice or in their office cube...and dental visits are not free.

  • 100% Fog Free
  • Scratch Resistant Lens on both sides
  • HECC Approved
  • Built in the USA