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Miken AccuFlex 2.0 Junior Hockey Stick - 55 Flex

  • R900 Material to give the best performance characteristics while improving overall performance, weight and balance.
  • Enhanced radial dimensions of the shaft give every player a greater sense of feel in their hands.
  • Precise flex-to-length ratio for any player needing the best performance for their game.
  • Gives younger players the best chance to get the performance they are looking for out of their stick.
  • With six different flex-to-length ratio options, players will get a stick that shouldn't need to be cut. This will ensure that the player gets the performance out of the stick because of no stiffening of the stick after cutting.
  • M-Tac offering only
  • Length: 52"
  • Lie 5
  • BP88 & BP10 only