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The Prohybrid Training DVD - Volume 2

Our PHT process makes it easy for goalies to become students of the system and study it both on and off the ice. The progressive nature of our comprehensive system allows our goalies to quickly make the correct techniques a habit

Volume 2 unlocks our progression to go further into the prohybrid goaltending System discovering the keys to precise positioning

This DVD is packed with over 90 minutes of instructions including:

  • The hybrid progressions series a comprehensive series of drills that breakdown the hybrid setup in order to fine tune efficient crease movement
  • Visual lead position System. The visual lead position system trains my goalies to develop a track first mentality by providing a detailed blueprint of on ice visual leads which will help each goalies master the 3 elements of position: square angle and depth
  • Creating drills using the visual lead position system the visual lead position system is the source for an infinite number goaltending drills. We will go over just how to create these drills in Vol 2
  • Detailed position concepts that will contribute to make the goalie as efficient as possible
  • Advanced puck handling techniques and multiple drills to perfect your puck handling skills