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ProHybrid Hockey DVD - Volume 3

The theme of Volume 3 is identifying both the mental and physical characteristics that are the difference between being a good goalie and a great goalie: control, consistency and confidence

The ProHybrid Goaltending System provides an organized progressive approach to identifying clear and objective goals. Accomplishing the first goal makes the next one easier as you build positive momentum. When you reach a goal you experience success. Success causes positive thoughts, positive thoughts produce positive feelings, finally resulting in positive actions. The feeling that results from this process repeating over and over again is called confidence. The ProHybrid Goaltending System simplifies these objectives and produces confidence!

This DVD is packed with over 90 minutes of instructions including:

  • Development progression series
  • The "Own your edges"drill series
  • The ProHybrid IE zone process
  • Detailed shot identification
  • In-depth breakaway strategy
  • Cutting edge net play
  • Reading and countering your opponents's forecheck
  • 2-way defenseman and goalie communication