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QuickStickz Virtual Stick Handling Hockey Trainer

  • Practice at home in front of your computer or TV
  • Comes with special stickhandling ball and QuickSticks camera
  • Connect the QuickStickz camera to any compatible PC
  • Use your own stick to control the on-screen action of the puck
  • Practice with proper technique every time
  • Learn to see the whole game as you become a proficient stickhandler
  • Track your progress with your friends and teammates online
  • When you've mastered a drill you can further increase the difficulty by adding training devices such as slide boards or bosu balls while stickhandling
  • New drills are constantly being developed and are rigorously tested before being made available to members online


"The most important step in stickhandling is to be able to feel the puck on your stick blade without looking at it. QuickStickz allows you to do exactly that and it makes it so much fun to learn as you proceed through a series of games and challenges. Young or old, a hockey player can highly benefit from QuickStickz and I highly recommend it. What a great learning device!"

- Real Turcotte, Founder, Turcotte Stickhandling Hockey School

"We had a first-hand look at the QuickStickz system this summer through our partnership with Sher-Wood Hockey. Our campers and staff were mesmerized by the game and there was a steady line-up to be the next to play and boast the high score. QuickStickz will most certainly be a part of our 36th summer!"

- Marshall Starkman, Director, Roger Neilson's Hockey

"QuickStickz will give players of all ages the opportunity to reach their full stickhandling potential."

- Dave Tippet, head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes

"To become a great stickhandler, there is no substitution for hours of repetitive motion."

- Marc Habscheid, head coach of the Chilliwack Bruins (WHL)

"Products such as QuickStickz will have a large network of users, from beginners to NHL players."

- James Patrick, assistant coach of the Buffalo Sabres