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Reebok A.i9 Senior Hockey Stick

With the A.i 9, the balance of power has shifted forever through Advanced innovation. How advanced? The 2:1 Power Taper ratio maximizes power transfer. The XLerated Blade Technology delivers superior performance precisely when its needed. The A.i 9 instantly reacts to a player's hands and puts the puck exactly where it needs to be: on a teammate's stick or in the opponent's net.

Specs :
  • 2:1 Power Taper Ratio™
  • XLERATED Blade Technology™
  • Pure Fiber Technology™
  • Mid Kick Point
  • Stick Weight (Approx.): 450g
  • Stick Length: 60"
    A new raised feature on the shaft combined with a thin layer of Griptonite allows quick and easy hand re-positioning for precise and timely control.

    True one-piece construction eliminates overlapping material in the lower shaft to reduce weight and provide added consistency to maximize energy transfer.

    The highly reactive foam core with an added layer of extra stiff carbon on the blade surface provides more direct power that delivers more accurate results.

Reebok Ai.9 Stick Specs

  • Weight: 450 Grams (Senior)
  • Shaft Technology: 2:1 Power taper
  • Shaft Construction: Pure fiber
  • Stiffness Point: Constant with stiff taper
  • Kick Point: High
  • Blade Technology: XLerated blade
  • Blade Construction: X-Stiff with ultra-light foam core
  • Grip: Clear
  • Sizes: SR, INT, JR, YT
  • Patterns: P87A, P42, P40, P38, P36A