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Smart Hockey Stickhandling Ball

  • #1 selling training ball in North America
  • Replicates an ice hockey puck's WEIGHT, BOUNCE, SLIDE and CONTACT HEIGHT
  • For years European and Soviet players have used wooden stickhandling balls before games and practices to develop lightening quick, soft hands.
  • In 2001, Smarthockey introduced the Smarthockey Training Ball which used space-aged materials to replicate an ice hockey puck's weight, bounce, slide and contact height for off-ice stickhandling, shooting and passing development.
  • The patented dual density core has a proprietary outer shell that is made of a heat resistant Surlyn material that doesn't "smush" or become pliant on hot pavement which makes it perfect for training on any surface.
  • The ball works so well that in just one year it's already being used by 22 NHL teams and 35 D1 US Collegiate teams before games/practices and for off-ice training.
  • The ball was used by the Russian National Team in the 2002 Olympics and is now being sold in Europe were it is fast replacing the traditional wooden stickhandling ball.
  • It was recognized as a "Product of Merit" at the 2002 USA Hockey National Coaches conference and it used extensively by Skills Development Instructors throughout North America, Japan, Austrialia and Sweden.
  • The Smarthockey Training Ball is a must have for any aspiring player who wants to improve his Stickhandling, Shooting or Passing skills.
  • Every serious player should keep one in their bag for pre-game warm-ups exercises.
  • Also available from Smarthockey: Smarthockey Training Guides and DVD, Smarthockey Training Ball with MiniCD, TUUK Rocker Chassis