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Thermablade Elite Senior Ice Hockey Skate Holder & Runner Master Pack

The key components that set a Thermablade apart from an ordinary skate blade are a battery and electronics integrated into the heel of the blade holder. These connect to a resistor which heats the blade to 5°C. A full charge lasts a minimum of 75 minutes of on-ice time, and recharging the batteries takes just 2 hours

  • Faster acceleration, especially in your first 3 strides
  • Skate faster and harder while using less energy
  • Tighter turns and increased control
  • Convenient charging station shuts off when fully charged
  • Slotted rivet holes for better alignment
  • Impact resistant holders
  • Heat treated, hardened stainless steel blades complete with anti-vibration fins
  • Blades can be rockered or hollowed to preference
  • Intelligent blade turns off automatically when not on the ice
  • Red LED on/off indicator
  • Proximity sensors located under the logos turns the blades on or off with a simple 5 second touch
  • Moisture resistant rechargeable lithium poly battery
  • Limited 1 year warranty from date of purchase